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VEAGLE35CBLK - 350 mm

Product Description
Born as a result of Momo experience in the most prestigious
motorsport races, Eagle is a tuning sports steering wheel
- proposed with 350 mm diameter - which holds features
directly derived from the racetracks.
Its anatomical grip has
been studied to offer
the best steering control and the
shape allows more space to the driver’s legs,
thanks to the special design of the rim. A stylish mix of
full-grain smooth leather and “Airleather”
for the handle,
as well as the anodized aluminum
ring made with the same
anthracite finish of
the spokes, contribute to the top-level
design of Eagle.

Top Grain black leather and Airleather insert.
Anthracite spokes and button.

A MOMO hub is required for installation.

Additional Information
Style: Tuning
Color: Black
Screw: Black
Material: Leather, Airleather
Spoke Finish: Anthracite
Horn: Black
Diameter: 13.78 in (350 mm)
Grip Diameter: 1.02 in (26 mm)
Weight: 3.45 lbs (1.56 kgs) for 280 mm version;


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